it project proposal misy expert microsoft access

Pls read the request for proposal that I have attached. Then follow the instruction to write a quality proposal (5pages) for this non-profit organization.

• Introduction: The section will consist of a brief overview of the project including its scope. Objectives of the solution and the resulting benefits must be included.

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• Process and System Investigation: Design a stable solution based on data collection and reporting criteria with a simple user-friendly interface. Streamline the data entry and report generation processes. Address each proposed objective and benefit. Calculate the realistic cost for the complete system, and justify each line item.

• Technology: Develop a robust Microsoft Access 2016 database as your solution. Justify how this program will meet Wildlife Rescue’s needs and deliver on the objectives. List all hardware and software needed to implement the solution.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me, because when you have more information, you can write the better paper. Thank you in advance. (Actually I need an expert in MISY subject, have knowledge about Microsoft Access )

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