answer the following questions 162

1- Watch “Reflection on Bhopal After Thirty Years” on the Chemical Safety Board Website. Explain, in your own words, the importance of safety in our field. [<1 page]…

2- Watch the recent CSB video on the Arkema facility:…

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a) In your own words, described the incident.

b) There are many facets to this incident – what events or issues stand out to you?

c) In the Spring semester, your group will perform additional safety analyses related to your design project. One such analysis will consider the “Worst Case Scenario”, which can be difficult to define. How should we determine a “Worst Case Scenario” and what factors should/could be included in the analysis? [~ 1 page]

**NOTE: no citation or outside references , just on your own words.

Type your responses with 11 pt font with line spacing of 1.15 or 1.5

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