please complete 3

I have attached what was done week 1 so Basically you can use it as a guide.

In Week 1, you identified a problem in your professional discipline. This week you will incorporate the scholarship piece of the SPL Model and substantiate that the problem exists by locating and analyzing peer-reviewed literature.

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Locate two peer-reviewed articles (published within the last five years) from the University Library that address the problem.

Create an analytical framework as you analyze the two peer-reviewed articles. You will add to the analytical framework next week.

Write a 250- to 350-word paragraph providing a brief background and description of the problem so a reader can easily understand the problem.

Provide recent scholarly evidence that the problem actually exists by using one to two studies on the topic.

Consider the following:

  • Why is the research problem of important social concern or theoretical interest?
  • What may occur if this problem is not resolved?

Write using scholarly voice.

Cite within the paragraph, and reference sources per APA guidelines.

Format your title page, body of the paper, and the reference page per APA guidelines.

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