cooked air discussion paper

This discussion paper is due before next lecture (10/4). For this discussion paper: Write your critical evaluation of the documentary and explain your points using examples from the documentary. Find two sources that support your evaluation of the documentary and give a brief summary of both. Explain why you believe these sources are credible (or not).

Word count: 500

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Here is the video(I can only find it on Chinese website and the third one “AIR” is the one to discuss.):

Rational: Students will form structures teams to analyze and discuss various aspects of the documentary Cooked: Air. Each group will have one of the following roles. My group is “Critics” – List at least two points you disagreed with or found unhelpful and state why.

The points I already have:

  1. We thought the idea that mill should locate near to the river is not helpful.
  1. The miller relies much on the river which leaves less flexibility for people to choose where they want the mill to locate.
  2. When there is a flood or drought, mill will be destroyed, causing incredibly damage. However, the mill in very crucial to people who lived there.
  3. Why not build the mill a little bit far from the river and have more resources of water instead of just relying on the only river. In addition, people can try to use different types of water to see if the taste has changed, if not, they could have more options.

2. We can not understand why the bread is regarded as an essential food in our daily life.

  1. The Morocco family eat bread for every meal. The nutrition that the bread can provide is limited. The nutrient that the bread can provide is mainly carbohydrates. We do not understand why they do not get bored with eating bread every day for every meal.
  2. Bread is not indispensable. In the Asian food culture, we are more accustomed to eating rice and noodles. We can live without bread.

NOTE: Because this course is not very scientific and professional, the discussion paper should just cover some easy chemistry knowledge.

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