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Ive attached some reading information to assist with this task.

TASK 2: Individual Submission – Identify and Justify your Selection of Research Approach and Design as well as your decision for data collection tool

For this formative assignment, you are required to Identify and Justify your Selection of Research Approach and Design. This means that you have to clearly state and define the selected research approach (quantitative or qualitative, or Both) as well as your research design i.e. case study.

The justification needs to be followed after your decision where you should state why you have selected one research approach over the other as well research design over other types of designs. Also, for this formative task, please submit the data collection tool (questionnaire template or interview manuscript) that will be used as an instrument in the primary data collection process for feedback. Your data collection tool should be placed in the appendices of this formative submission and should be no more than 2 pages long.

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Overall Lenght of the formative submission including Appendices: 1000 words;

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