Topography Based Interventions Presentation




Assignment Details

For the Unit 3 Assignment, you will be playing the role of instructor/trainer teaching a group of applied behavior analysis students about the evolution and history of the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and the ethical considerations that should be made regarding the FBA.

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You will create a 10-15 slide Power Point presentation that explains the following:

History: Thoroughly describe:

  • “Old School” methods of intervention (Topography-based interventions; Case-based interventions; Individual/Team Preference-based interventions)

Evolution: Thoroughly discuss:

  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act as it pertains to Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Indirect Assessment and Direct Descriptive Assessment as components in the Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Applied behavior analysis: Function-based interventions
  • Supportive Evidence of the efficacy of function-based intervention
  • Operant Conditioning
  • Three-term contingency

In your own words, define and explain the importance of the following Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s “Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts”:

  • 3.0 Assessing Behavior
  • 3.01 Behavior-Analytic Assessment
  • 3.02 Medical Consultation
  • 3.03 Behavior-Analytic Assessment Consent
  • 3.04 Explaining Assessment Results
  • 3.05 Consent-Client Records

You will use your assigned readings from Units 1-3, as well as the seminar slides and supplemental sources, such as the BACB “Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts.”

Reading and Resources

Read the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s (BACB’s) “Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts” – Section 3 Found in Course Documents


Steege, M. W., Pratt, J. L., Wickerd, G., Guare, R., Watson, T. S. (2019). Conducting School-Based Functional Behavioral Assessments, Third Edition.

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