analyzing the article 2


Describe the farming and juice production industries; and briefly introduce Wiikano Orchard company business history

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  • Based on thorough reading of the case, depict in a matrix style the opportunities, challenges, strength and weaknesses for Wiikano (SWOT analysis).
  • Summarize the proposal and in light of the SWOT analysis, discuss the following:
    • What are the other alternatives (proposed solutions) to overcome the losses in profits?
    • Why changing the branding might not work in the current situation? How repositioning might be a better alternative to increase customers perceived value of the Tuwa product? And what positioning should be pursued?
    • What promotion should Wiikano use to communicate Tuwa differentiation? (the proposal suggested digital marketing, do you think this is feasible investment? Explain.


In the conclusion part, reflect on the importance of understanding customers and the market place in achieving Business objectives.

References: Use proper documentation of any information used in the report (use APA style of citation and referencing)

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