need budget spreadsheets

For this assignment, you will create a budget and chart analysis for a fictitious business. Its purpose is for you to learn best practices for utilizing spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc.). The final product will consist of two parts: a budget and a chart.

Workbook Requirements

  • Save your workbook in .xslx or .xls format.

Spreadsheet Budget Analysis and Chart Parameters:

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  • The budget must detail at least four expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) and show income (sales, etc.) for at least four months. Display on a single sheet.
  • Each expense and month should be appropriately labeled.
  • The spreadsheet must use at least four different functions/ formulas (to total, add, subtract, divide, etc.)
    Must have a total column and total row for expenses and income. Use a function here with cell ranges.
    Must have a row that has a formula showing net income after expenses. Use a formula here.
    Include cells that show the average and also maximum total monthly expenses. Must use a function for these.
  • Include an appropriate chart showing only net income for each month.

You will be graded on the professional utilization and display of the chosen technology and the project rubric.



Each expense and month should be appropriately labeled
A minimum of 4 expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) and income for four months
A row that totals expense type using a function
A cell that shows average expenses for all months
A cell that shows maximum expenses for all months
A column that totals the periods using a function
A row that has a formula showing net income after expenses
Create an appropriate chart showing net income for each month
Legend Entries (Series) on chart and correct
Horizontal Category – Axis Labels – on chart and correct
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