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Case Stuy Of CSR

CSR is an evolving concept and set of practices. There are increasingly more standards and guidelines for companies to follow, but there remain many differences among companies in how sustainability practices are employed and deployed. As a manager and as a student of sustainability, you must learn to sort, prioritize, and negotiate among CSR desires and needs in order to balance these with what is possible and ethical.


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You will create a case study on a corporation that is listed in the 2014 Fortune 500 Global Index that addresses the following.

  1. Create a description of your corporation that provides the reader with its Fortune rank, type of industry, its Global Standard Industrial Classification (GSIC), CEO name, number of employees, headquarters, number of offices globally, reported sales and company performance over the last fiscal year (including data from Standard & Poor’s and one other source).
  2. Evaluate the company’s CSR position. Incorporate evidence of its compliance with or violation of CSR principles, including information from the company’s website and two sources external to the company. (Note: These two external sources are not considered part of the five scholarly sources that are required for this assignment.). Incorporate the ranking of the company’s CSR and sustainability practices from at least two rating sources, including one non-profit or NGO source. (Note: These two rating sources are not considered part of the five scholarly sources that are required for this assignment.)
  3. Evaluate the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, using the SWOT model, relative to its CSR and sustainability performance.
  4. Devise a concluding plan that provides your opinion of the company’s overall level of social responsibility.
  5. Your paper should be 12 pages Incorporate at least five scholarly references to support your claims and findings. Format your paper, including all in-text citations and references 12 font douuble space 
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