article review 100

  • Include a PDF of the actual article along with your journal article review (the assignment submission area allows multiple document uploads).
  • Write your article review using Microsoft Word (no other computer program, such as Works or Word Perfect, is acceptable).
  • Each Journal Article Review must be accompanied by a title/reference page, as well as at least 3 in-text citations and an APA formatted reference page with a minimum 2 references. One reference will be the selected article, another can be any other scholarly sources related to the topic
  • Include a biblical Scripture(s) that relate to the topic. Give a brief explanation of the selected Scripture.
  • Utilize a professional writing style. Do not begin with “This article is about…” Open the review with a strong thesis statement and thoroughly summarize the author’s main points in the first part of your review. First-person can only be used in your detailed response to the article. Make sure you identify each section with headings/sub-topics.
  • Each journal article review must be 350–500 words and adhere to current APA formatting. (Note: make sure that you have reviewed the grading rubric.)
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