topic 5 dq 2 11

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question:

In a manmade disaster, such as a pesticide poisoning, spiritual issues can be difficult on individuals, communities and health care providers. I specifically chose to discuss pesticide poisoning because it is something that can likely happen in the community that I choose to serve and live in. Bakersfield, California is an agricultural community that is surrounded by fields of fruits and vegetables. Back in May 2017, more than 50 agricultural workers were sickened when exposed to pesticides while working in a cabbage field near Bakersfield, California (Seda, 2017). This was just one of many documented pesticide poisoning incidents that has occurred in this community. The long-term effects of pesticide exposure are what can be overwhelming spiritually on the individuals. For the individuals directly affected, long term pesticide poisoning incidents has been linked to the development of Parkinson’s disease; asthma; depression and anxiety; cancer, including leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma; and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. The treatments for these diseases can be hard on the individual physically and spiritually as well as on their families. They can become depressed, have feelings of hopelessness and despair, question why God did this. The community may feel vulnerable and feel as though their safety has been violated which will spread fear and anxiety. As a health care provider caring for this community, it affects me spiritually in the sense that I see first hand the physical symptoms pesticide poisoning causes and witness the medical treatment of the long-term effects of this. As a health care provider, I also can’t help but feel as though the community’s safety has been violated by using these toxic substances. This not only stays on the field, it contaminates the air, soil and fruits and vegetables harvested from these fields.

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A community health nurse can lend an ear, offer a shoulder to cry on, explore other resources such as a chaplain that can assist the individual as well as their family. Chaplain’s insights on and ability to remain mindfully aware of possible emotions/thoughts in the patient and facilitating patient to return and re-return to become aware of internal emotions/thoughts helps the patient develop own intra-personal mindfulness leading to self-healing (Parameshwaran, 2015). The use of spiritual resources such as music, prayer, meditation, involvement of family and friends, consultation of religious leaders, church support groups, inspirational writings and sacramental practices-communion and anointing have been known to be beneficial to an individual’s spiritual well-being in times of illness (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2018). The community health nurse must also keep on top of their own spiritual well-being by staying in tune and debriefing and de-stressing in the same way they advise their own patient’s. This way they are able to assist in the spiritual care of the individuals, community and their colleagues.


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