case study of tamarack industries

Formal Essay Format:

Typed, double-spaced, and written in 3rd person only (i.e., he, she, it, one, etc.) (no I, me, we, or you) utilizing APA or MLA format. If references are used, citations and bibliography are required. You should have paragraphs, not an outline. Papers are usually 5-7 pgs long. Remember – you do not want me to comment that your analysis is SUPERFICIAL.

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Synopsis of Case Study:

The synopsis should be a brief summary of the case study. You are assuming that I, the reader, am unaware of the case’s contents. Include, however, only the important, key points.

Diagnosis of Case Study:

Describe the organizational problems. Include any theoretical support. For example: An organization has some problems with productivity. Apparently the company is using goal setting inaccurately. Now describe goal setting and how it is an integral part of this organization’s productivity problems. Utilize textbook and other references (if necessary) for theoretical support and application.

Proposed Solutions to Case Study Problems:

Any proposed solutions should have theoretical support (see #3 above). Also discuss Pros and Cons of each solution.

Conclusion (Do not be superficial or weak in this section)

What is your preferred solution and why? Discuss Pros and Cons of the solution, and how you would address the Cons.

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