political science response paper 1

POSC 124 Response Paper Prompt

In order to fulfill the requirements for the course students will conduct 3 response papers.

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Response Papers

The topics can be any topic you found and read in the primary course text or a topic which we covered in class. You will write a 2-3 page response that is double spaced, Times New Roman with 12 Font, and have a proper introduction and conclusion. The response must explain the topic, why it is important to comparative politics, why you are interested in the topic, and your thoughts on the topic. The response papers will each count for 10% of the grade for a total of 30%. The headings should follow basic MLA format regarding Name, Course Number, Professor name, and Title etc.

1st Response Paper

The first paper should cover one of the main topics, Colonialism, Nationalism, or Revolutions, what is the concept, why is it important to the class and political science/comparative politics, and finally your thoughts and personal opinion on the chosen topic.

POSC 124 Wk 2 Colonialism.ppt

POSC 124 Wk 4 Nationalism.pptx

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