i need help with my discussion board questions bcj 2002


Unit III Board question BCJ 2002

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How are the intermediate sanctions used in your community? Are they effective? Explain why, or why not.

This is what my classmate wrote and I have to answer to it Unit III BCJ 2002

California has been seeking to reduce the population both in jail and prisons. Perhaps the most immediate impetus for change was a 2009 federal court order to address overcrowding by reducing the state prison population to 137.5 percent of design capacity by 2016(Martin&Grattet, 2015). Intermediate sanctions are in used as alternatives in response to offenders such as work release, halfway house, community service, fines, and mandatory treatment of training. Two of the most common adopted programs are home arrest and work release. Home arrest programs require offenders to serve sentences in specific residential locations. The individual is monitored by an electronic device or GPS. Work release programs allow offenders to complete their term to work within the community, but they have to remain in the prison in nonworking hours. An example of strategies in use in California is intensive supervision that places offenders who might have gone to prison or jail under intensive supervision, is premised on the deterrent effect of monitoring offender behavior closely. The well-known program, Hawaii’s Project HOPE, showed huge reductions in dirty drug tests and recidivism amongst drug offenders whose supervision violations were met with short but certain punishments. Why is this program effective? Hence, Intensive supervision combined with swift, certain, but short custodial punishment.

Unit IV board question BCJ 2002

Organized gangs found inside prisons create major problems for correctional authorities. Why do you think gangs flourish in the prison systems and why can’t authorities come up with solutions for solving gang problems?



Identify and discuss intermediate sanctions. Include in your discussion the definition of an intermediate sanction and their value. How, and why, are states using these?

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.


Using the intermediate sanctions discussed in this unit, select the two types that you think are the most effective to compare and contrast. In your comparison, be sure to identify why both are valuable. Additionally, identify what both do to make them the most effective.

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

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