information security article news 4

Please submit a news article that is relevant to some aspect of information security and also provide your opinion of the article.

you need to write your opinion in more then 150 words and less than 200 words. you need to provide the link of the article as well.

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Please do not use big words when writing your opinion and please do not use the same words that use in the article., thanks

i will be posting two other student articles and i need comment for them too please,

please also use normal and not big words in the writing. it is just a discussion


Also please make make comment for these two students: something like you like their post and s short comments for each one.

here are the students posts: Student one : (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

My article talks about how a medical center got hacked because of a phishing attack. The hacker gained access into the company’s email account and then exported 124 emails with personal client information. The article isn’t as surprising as most of the other ones in the discussion but I found it interesting that something so simple as a phishing attack that we are trained to avoid all the time is what compromised hundred’s of peoples information. I always thought that I could easily spot a phishing attack, so it’s interesting that a big company with very sensitive information fell for a simple attack like phishing.”

Student two: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This article I chose to talk about focuses on the cyber-security at the Pentagon and how, in test runs, Test Teams were sometimes able to get access to systems and sometimes even take control of them! It’s shocking because you would think that a place like The Pentagon would have the toughest security systems, but it reminded me of the talk we had in class one time where we acknowledged that no system can ever be truly secure. Luckily, these were just test runs and they are helpful in finding was to improve security for the future, and the article does state that The Pentagon seems to be getting better at making workers aware of these security risks. The next steps would be the improve the security in these systems themselves, systems that, some of which, are years old now and the article does state something we also talked about in class which was that it’s easier to secure a system when security is built into the system as it’s being developed, rather than it be added later. This is “more difficult and costly,” the article states. Cybersecurity as a never ending battle because technology just keeps constantly innovating, and I think this article is a good example of this never ending battle.”

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