week 5 assignment 29

Topic: This week we have explored the topic of motivating employees in depth. To demonstrate your understanding of this topic I want you to author a short paper applying the scientific theories, techniques, and tips provided by the expert resources posted in the weekly folder.

In the paper I want you to discuss specifically what approach, technique, or theories you would use to motivate each of the following types of employees AND explain why the choices should be successful.

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The Above Average Employee – (an employee who consistently goes “above and beyond” what you expect them to do)

The Meets the Standards Employee – (an employee who consistently delivers the standard expected no more no less)

The Problem Child Employee – (an employee who consistently delivers far below the standard expected and that you are considering terminating)

Submission Requirements:

The paper must be double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 size font, Times New Roman, and the pages must be numbered. It must include a cover sheet. For all material that you have researched, you must include citations throughout the body of the paper, as well as a reference page in MLA format. See the MLA Formatting and Style Guide in the Course Resources folder on the left menu for assistance with MLA format.

The paper should be of sufficient length needed to explore the topic. A minimum of (5) sources are required to support your response. Your “opinion” must be cited and supported by the credible sources provided or those you find on your own.

I have compiled the following list of reference sources to get you started that you may find helpful for this topic.

How to Motivate an Underperforming Employee

Six Strategies for Dealing with Underperforming Employees

How To Manage Restaurant Staff To Get The Best From Your Team

Motivating Your Staff to Provide Outstanding Service

Dealing with lazy employees is a mix of tough love and the acceptance that you might be the problem.

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