research essay 38

Prompt (what you are writing about): Who is August Wilson and how do his plays in The Pittsburgh Cycle—particularly Fences— reflect the society in which they are set?

Writing Tasks:

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Research August Wilson, his life, The Pittsburgh Cycle of plays, and how they reflect the eras in which the plays are set. 

You must have at least four outside sources that are academic and reliable. 

Create an essay that is 2 to 3 pages and analyzes the following criteria

o August Wilson’s life and accomplishments

o The plays that are included in Wilson’s The Pittsburgh Cycle including brief summaries each play.

o Research on the era and location in which Fences is set. 

This is a research essay and not an argumentative essay. 

Include direct quotes and paraphrases from your researched information 

Be sure that you have in text citations and corresponding reference citations for all quoted material, paraphrased material, and newly researched material.

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