write a 4 page paper on the question below

Essay #1. What is/are (1) Kettner’s “logic model” and (2) the steps involved in developing a program hypothesis?How does use of the “Logic Model” relate to program hypothesis use?Describe how both—together– are used to design and encourage better program outcomes and output measures.

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Essay #2.Compare and contrast Kettner’s concepts of “normative need”, “perceived need”, “expressed need”, and “relative need”, citing an example of each kind of planning need. How is

each kind of need measured (IMPORTANT)? If you wanted to assure good community evaluation

of need, which of these kinds of needs would you choose to build a comprehensive needs assessment and why did you choose the kind(s) of need you did?

Essay #3. Units of service are frequently used in evaluating program output and outcomes.Describe three different ways in which “units of service” are measured in health services.How are the three different types of units calculated?Describe how “units of service” are used in calculating intermediate output and final output for a clientele-based program.

Essay #4. What is the difference between a goal and objective in effectiveness-based program planning?What are the requirements for each kind of planning activity?How do they relate to one another and the Logic Model? Explain how Kettner’s logic model can be applied to development of process and outcome objectives.

Questions are coming from the book.

1.Kettner, Peter, Moroney, Robert, and Martin, Lawrence.Designing and Managing Programs:

An Effectiveness-Based Approach, Fifth Edition. Sage Publications (Los Angeles, CA, 2017).

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