research paper about a medical field in a social work 8 pages

First, I will need 6 sentences for each source which it can be 2 pages (one book or e-book and three articles) to be Annotated Bibliography by Tomorrow Tuesday September,18 At 8:00 Pm and the whole research paper in 23 days.

  • What is an Annotated Bibliography?
    • A bibliography is a list of reference materials that you have used for researching a topic. In APA format it is called “References.” Your bibliography should include at least one book and three scholarly articles.
  • What is the purpose of an Annotated Bibliography?
    • Provides preparation for the research term paper by familiarizing the writer with the current research, trends, and themes related to the topic. Exposes the writer to different resources to assist in analysis and critical thinking.
  • Writing an Annotated Bibliography
    • Write an Annotated Bibliography for each of the 4 references; this will include one book and three scholarly articles.

Each annotated reference should include these three parts:

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A Summary of the main arguments and points of the reference

An Assessment and Evaluation of the reference – Is this a reliable, objective resource? Be sure to explain your point of view.

A Reflection on how this resource will help you write your research paper (Example: How will it help you understand the field of service? Does the information help cover the topic headings on pages 4-5 of this document?)

Second I will need 6 pages for my whole research paper

Part I: Annotated Bibliography due on Tuesday, February 27, submitted through VeriCite on Canvas. (10% of final grade)

Part II: Completed Scholarly Research Term Paper due on Thursday, April 26, 2018, submitted through VeriCite on Canvas. (25% of final grade)

The Research Term Paper Assignment

Social Work class requires all students to write a 6 page scholarly research term paper on a field of service in the social work profession, in American Psychological Association (APA) format.

What are the Objectives of the Assignment (Student Learning Outcomes)?

  1. To assure that each student by the end of the semester will be able to demonstrate the ability to research, interpret, and report information related to a specific field of social work practice, in grammatically correct APA (American Psychological Association) format. These skills are essential in social work education.
  2. Acquire knowledge and gain insight into a specific field of social work service
  3. Gain an understanding of the values and ethics that impact social workers in this field
  4. Demonstrate a beginning knowledge of how to consult and utilize research evidence to inform ongoing policy and practice
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and application of APA format
    Topic Headings for the Literature Review

    • Define the field of service
    • Why does this field of service interest you? (2 paragraph maximum)
    • Drawing from the literature, describe in detail the following:
    1. What is the target population? (Who are the clients in need of service? Include information regarding the age ranges, gender, and socioeconomic status)
    2. What are the practice methods that social workers use in this field? Indicate micro and/or macro practice methods.
    3. What is the role of the social worker in this field?

    Part II of the Research Term Paper

    Topic Headings for the Field of Service

    1. What are the presenting problems in this field of service?
    2. What are the barriers to service for the target population?
    3. What are the individual and environmental/societal causes of problems?
    4. What are the values and ethical issues for social workers? What ethical and/or value dilemmas do social workers face in this field of service?
    5. What is the anticipated income for social workers in this field of service?
    6. What is your personal assessment of your continued interest in the field of service?

    VII. Guidelines for the Research Term Paper Assignment (See “Example Research Paper” located on Canvas within “Files”).General Information

    • The research term paper should be 6 pages in length and divided in two parts. Part 2 should include Part 1 of the research paper.
    • The bibliography and cover page are not included in the length of the paper.
    • The research paper should include an abstract.
    • Part I is the literature review and should be 4 to 4½ pages in length.
    • Part II relates to the field of service and should be 3 to 4 pages in length.
    • Content must be accurate and conclusions must be adequately supported by scholarly research. This is not an opinion paper.
    • Grammar and syntax: Sentences should convey meaning clearly and should be grammatically correct with appropriate punctuation in place. Spelling should be correct.
    1. Use APA Formatting (American Psychological Association)
      1. Please consult the APA Style Essentials for general document guidelines such as the title page, abstract, body of the paper, text citations and quotations, and references (located in Canvas under “Files”)
      2. A sample APA Format paper is available in Canvas under “Files.”
    2. The Bibliography or “References” Section
      1. There will be one “References” section for both parts of the paper, located at the endof the paper, in APA format. A sample APA format “References” page is available with a sample APA format paper located in Canvas under “Files.”
    3. Bibliography Attachments: For the final draft of the research paper, attach the first page of each journal article, showing the page where the research was obtained. For the book, include a copy of one of the pages that has a direct quotation or the first page of the referenced chapter.
    4. Be sure to attach the required documents to the research paper before you submit the paper to SafeAssign. You may not be successful attaching additional documents once you have submitted.

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