health care professional feedback

For this assignment, just make up some feedback. Do not worry about about having anything signed, I will take care of all of that. Just act like you are doing this and write everything out and ensure all of the directions below are followed. Then when I post assessment 3, you will incorporate those changes into the assessment at that time.


During the meeting with the practicing health care professional on the health care problem analysis proposal, you are expected to complete all of the following:

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  • Present the proposal to the selected practicing health care professional and actively solicit feedback. Do take notes, as the feedback you receive will be placed in an addendum as part of the assessment.
  • Negotiate changes to project scope, focus, or execution, based upon the health care professional’s feedback.
    • Note: Plan to arrive at the meeting with proposed performance indicators related to the identified health care issue. However, remember that these may change for a variety of reasons based upon the health care professional’s feedback. For example, the indicators you identified may not be included in the organization’s data sets. Or the individual may advise that different indicators may be more helpful. It is your responsibility to verify, discover, or redefine the performance indicators before proceeding with the project. Using the same performance indicators as the organization will make the final data comparison much easier.

After the meeting, you are expected to complete all of the following:

  • Revise the proposal based upon the health care professional’s feedback.
    • Please ensure that any negotiated revisions to the proposal meet the course requirements. For example, human subjects research is outside the scope of this course.
  • Obtain approval for the proposed data review project from the health care professional.
    • Ensure the revised proposal is a collaborative effort between you and the health care professional that meets organizational requirements, such as confidentiality.
    • Be sure to consider your role and responsibilities with the health care professional during fulfillment of the data review project.
  • Submit the revised, signed copy of the proposal as the deliverable for this assessment.
    • Include the client’s signature, title, and contact information.
    • Include an addendum summarizing any relevant categorical feedback offered by the health care professional.
    • Scan the entire revised proposal, including the signature page, and attach the file in the assessment area for Assessment 2.
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