respond to passage 1

respond to the below passage.


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Muslims wearing veils is part of their belief and culture because that is something that they are known for by it having a certain meaning that they’re prone to portray. Due to the culture and beliefs of each Muslim requires them to follow those standards by wearing veils with it being part of their culture. Especially the way its being seen to men, it can be more of a convenience because it was a way of the women to feel and be protected by wearing the veil around the streets and out in public in order not to be seen by others. I believe Muslims did invent wearing veils with the reasons on specific beliefs that regarded them and their culture and making sure that its being seen right by other Muslims as well. Veiling is known to be something useful in today’s in society and even before being through Muslims and it being a thing that they do and use because of the protection within women and wearing the veil including what the meaning can signify. The Scarves and veils of different colors and shapes were quite customary in countless cultures long before Islam came into being the seventh century in the Arabian. Although, critics of the Muslim veiling tradition and that women do not wear it by choice in their opinion and are being forced to cover their heads and bodies, it can definitely vary on the culture and religion. The veil will be identified and symbolized as devotion including pity that veiling was their own choice to wear veils as women to Muslims it is a question of religious identity and self expression. Many people outside of being Muslims don’t quite the real meaning of why women may wear Muslims or might’ve invented them. Therefore, i think it all has an understanding on why Muslims wear veils and it’s meaning along with that.




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