week 2 discussion questions variables

  1. Create a new research question, that is acceptable as well. Write your question here. Make sure that your question involves two variables.
  2. What variable names are involved with your research question? You can name your variables. For example, suppose your research question is: “Do males or females get higher scores on SAT tests in the United States?” Here, my first variable is “gender” and my second variable is “SAT score.” Write down (create) names for your variables and include them here.
  3. Determine whether each of your variables is qualitative or quantitative, and why? Determine if they are discrete or continuous, and why? Determine their level of measurement. Be sure that you understand the definitions of all data types and levels.
  4. Invent 10 data values to describe each of your variables and include the data here.

MUST BE PLAGIARISM FREE. Spelling and grammar free, citations and references. THIS IS NOT A PAPER, but each question needs to be a paragraph long.

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