leadership learning project part 3 1

Leadership Project (Part 3) – Leadership Report/Reflective Essay Assignment

This final part of the leadership project is based upon your 10-hour experiential learning activity that was approved by your professor and completed earlier in the semester. This experience was one of two types: (1) service learning, or (2) leadership learning.

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For this assignment, you will write a 2000-2250 word paper which will consist of two major parts: (1) a report on your service learning or leadership learning activity, and (2) a reflection essay.

The structure of the paper will include three (3) sections: (1) a report, (2) a reflective essay, and (3) references.

Section 1 – Report

The report should be about 1500 words in length and comprised of the following: (a) introduction, (b) brief summary of your service learning/leadership learning activity, (c) brief summary of the results of your observations, (d) a critique of the leader/leadership, including strengths and/or weaknesses in light of the Kouzes and Posner model, and (e) your recommendations for improvement for that leader/leadership.

Section 2 – Reflective essay

The reflection essay should be about 750 words. Write an essay on what you personally learned from this activity. This should not be a repeat of the report section, but an overview of what you learned and how you can use this information in your own leadership experiences. Be sure to tie in the themes from The Leadership Challenge model, the Scriptures, and other texts and resources from the course on character, culture, and service.

1)Identify and describe at least one specific personal characteristic of yours that you now understand better as a result of reflection on your experiential learning experience. Specifically, what personal strength, weakness, assumption about yourself or others, belief, conviction, character trait, etc. have you become aware of, or more aware of, as a result of reflection on your this experience?

2) Apply your understanding of this particular personal characteristic in the context of your leadership experiences and other areas of your life. Specifically, how does/might this characteristic positively and/or negatively affect your interactions with others, your decisions, and/or your leadership activities and in other areas of your life?

4) Develop and evaluate your strategies for personal growth. Specifically, what is a significant way to use this new awareness in your life over the long-term, so you can continue to improve upon your process of personal growth? How will you assess or monitor your progress in this personal growth process so that you can continue to make changes?

5) How has your view/definition of Christian leadership changed from the start of this course? How has your service or leadership learning experience contributed to that view? What did you learn from the leader/leadership you observed?

Note: Questions adapted from Ash, Clayton, & Moses (2004 draft) in Sessa, Matos, & Hopkins (2009)

Section 3 – References

Include references used in your paper using the appropriate style. A.P.A. format

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