writing 500 words apa format

This assignment is intended for you to practice your writing skills with a fun subject where you are subject matter expert. I strongly encourage you to make an outline prior to beginning writing. A good detailed outline will make your writing more organized, more efficient and will take you less time to write your paper.


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  1. Paper Topic: Choose one of the following options:
    1. What is the best action movie?
    2. What is the best movie that is a comedy?
  2. Format:
    1. Use a title page displaying your name, course section and title of your paper
    2. Your paper content should be 2 pages long using 1.5 spacing and size 12 font of your choosing
    3. Citing Sources – please use a superscript number in your text following your quote or cited information and then either place the full citation in the footer of that page or create a sources page at the end of your paper. Make sure that you provide enough information in your citation for me to find your exact resources.
  3. Writing Considerations:
    1. Place your conclusion or summary statement in the beginning of your paper like discussed in the HBR reading.
    2. Support your position with evidence – quantitative or qualitative – good to use a mix of both.
    3. Make sure to explain/discuss how your evidence supports your position.
    4. Keep it clear, simple and direct but make sure to explain yourself thoroughly.
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