home boy industries case study analysis paper 1

1000_1200 words

read the case study attached

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main questions to answer in this paper “must read the case study attached”

1. What was the perceived need and mission of Homeboy Industries when Father Boyle

founded it?

2. Why did he choose a social enterprise model to develop the organization?

3. What were some of the biggest challenges Father Greg faced in the early days of


4. How has Homeboy evolved in its mission and its organizational structure over time?

5. Is the organization more or less effective today in both its services to gang members and

the products and services that drive revenue opportunities? Why?


attached files and those links ***********only********** no outside resources

1. https://www.fastcompany.com/1679680/homeboy-indust…

2. ted talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipR0kWt1Fkc

additional notes:

For the Home Boy Industries case study, you must also submit a writtenanalysis of this specific

case as well as integrate the other readings / TED Talk. Your essay should combine the facts

presented as well as your analysis of the merits and challenges of Home Boy Industries as a

social enterprise addressing the specific needs of the community that it serves.

Your essay should be between 1,000 and 1,200


Writing Guidelines and Expectations for Case Discussion Writeup on Home Boy Industries

 Writing level expectations–You are at graduate level writing. Use thoughtful and articulate

transitions from one thought or example to the next.

 This paper asks you to incorporate your own point of view as well as that of the “experts” for

this paper

 The essay should NOT be written as separate answers for individual questions as if they

were separate topics or thoughts. Please incorporate the points into a more cohesive

narrative, connecting the points you want to make into a well-structured analysis and

integrated response.

 The essay should have a clear structure, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Any

essay of this length might also have headings ( and sub-headings) if necessary.

 The essay should substantiate ( i.e. provide evidence for) any general statements.

 Please avoid repetition and circular arguments.

 Please avoid sloppy, imprecise and incorrect us of words or unclear statements.

a. It is better to avoid beginning sentences/ paragraphs with “ I want to start off with”,

“From here.” “First, Second Third” as examples to list points. Use transitions and

introductory and connecting terms and concepts. You may use the word “I” to

express your point of view, but back it up with thoughtful analysis and evidence.

 The paper should be properly formatted and should be free of grammatical and spelling


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