4 org questions

1. The ACA dictated a deadline for implementation of Electronic Health Records of 2014, representing not only a significant change in the way business is to be done in the Healthcare industry but also a significant change in the way the workers who provide healthcare must perform their tasks. In the context of change, discuss how this has impacted your organization and your personal job. How can changes of this magnitude be best handled to assure a successful implementation?

2. Using the concepts of Coaching for Unending Change in Porter-O’Grady and Malloch, develop one strategy for each that will combat the barriers to effective coaching; Use of Power; Self Image; Knowledge; and Problem Solving. Use examples from your practice setting.

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3. Does crisis assist in the implementation of change? If so, how? Describe a situation where you have had to deal with a crisis in the workplace and how you dealt with it.

4. Integrate relevant quality concepts with ideas about the volume-to-value revolution within your practice setting. How has your HCO incorporated these changes, be specific by providing examples of the change and how the system adapted.

5. Explain how you would transform your organization or team from a responsibility based unit to an accountability based unit. What does this mean? Provide specific examples of how you would make this transformation occur.

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