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I would you to answer this question in three or four sentences

Why do we have a strong tendency to affirm that what is different from us is inferior?

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This is the example of one of my friends:

The easiest and only way to answer this question is with one word: Fear. Most of us are afraid of what is different or new. Since we are fearful of it we automatically write it up as inferior. If we say that it is inferior then there is no need to pay any attention to it and then there is no need to be fearful of it. Even though that is exactly what we are. Instead of writing something new off I would encourage most people to embrace things that are new. Try things out before you completely write them off. When people are open to new things their lives tend to change for the better because they were open to new ideas and experiences. If people stay closed off and unwilling to accept new things then their lives stay the same. Change is good for everyone and it is needed. How else could we make this world and our educational system better without change.

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