complete science discussion post

Science, Technology, and Society all have a co-existence and reflect on the human need for these disciplines. Science and Technology impact our society in such a way that render improvements to education, government, social interactions, and society at large.

Your task is to refer (not copy and paste) to your notes (i.e. power point lecture notes) and other sources, and explain in your own words the impact of science and technology on society. How is this important for the instructor, the student, and parents and the community at large—basically all of the stakeholders? You may complete this in 3 to 4 complete paragraphs.Then, you are to respond to one of your classmate’s replies in one complete paragraph. You should have a total of 4 to 5 paragraphs. Do not complete this in an attached document file. Please complete in the discussion thread (do not post as an attachment). Also, please cite your references at the end of your entry.

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