questions about a reading

As we will not be meeting face to face on this day, you are required to type and submit your answers to the following questions by the deadline.

Please review the following questions BEFORE you read Herrick Chapter 7 Rhetoric in the Renaissance (1400-1700), and the selection from Margaret Fell. Then, as you read each, take notes so that your will be able to answer and discussion the following questions in class:

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  1. What was the status of rhetorical studies in Renaissance education?
  2. What was the impact of the printing press on the study of rhetoric?
  3. What were the defining characteristics of rhetoric in the Renaissance?
  4. What was the opinion of Valla regarding the relationship between rhetoric and philosophy?
  5. What is the significance of the concept of the viva activa to Renaissance rhetoric?
  6. What orientation did Madame de Scudery bring to rhetoric?
  7. What other women contributed to rhetoric in the Renaissance? What were their contributions? Why were there more women than ever before involved in the study of rhetoric?
  8. In what way are Agricola and Ramus significant to the history of rhetoric?

Questions about Fell selection

  1. What was Fell’s purpose in writing this piece?
  2. What reasons does Fell give to justify women speaking in church?
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