describe about you ecological footprint check description box please

2. My Ecological Footprint (considered for Participation grade)

This activity gives you the opportunity to understand sustainability in more detail by assessing your own ecological foot print. To determine your ecological footprint, access the main web page for the Global Footprint Network. Click on Resources. At the bottom of the list you will find the footprint calculator (detailed version). It is best to do this activity at home because you may need access to some of the information on your utility bills. If you do not know the specific answer to some of the questions, feel free to use estimates. Once you have completed the detailed version of the footprint calculator you will receive some information about how you might lower your footprint score.

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Answer the following questions in the online discussion forum “My Ecological Footprint”:

  1. What were you thinking/feeling when you were filling out this form?
  2. After completing the footprint calculator what did you learn about sustainability?
  3. While you do not have to share your score from the footprint calculator how did you react to the information you did receive about your score?
  4. Identify two ways you could change your lifestyle to improve your ecological footprint.
  5. Respond to 3 other student postings; compare your own and the other student’s comments regarding ecological footprint.

below is my footprint score i had taken but you are free to take it online and explain yours


By Land Type

  • Built-Up Land
  • Forest Products
  • Cropland
  • Grazing Land
  • Fishing Grounds
  • Carbon Footprint

By Consumption Category


  • Your Ecological Footprint
  • (global hectares or gha)


  • Your Carbon Footprint
  • (CO2 emissions in tonnes per year)


  • Your Carbon Footprint
  • (% of your total Ecological Footprint)
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