political science 350 1

Writing requirement, choose One option to write. Word count: 350

A) In the film A Face in the Crowd there is a commercial for a ‘vitality’ pill called Vitajex. Is a sequence like this commercial – so distinct from the rest of the film – a more effective means of conveying ideas than a traditional scene? What from your viewing experience makes you feel this way?

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B) A Face in the Crowd, released in 1957 in black and white, relies extensively throughout the film on dramatic lighting to assist in the story telling. What is a key theme from the film that you think is especially highlighted or enhanced through the lighting choices made throughout the film? How is this theme or idea being conveyed?

C) In Chapter 3 it highlights the fact that films are not created in a political vacuum but are impacted directly and profoundly by the environment (social, political, and economic) of the time they were made in. Think about how the behaviors, images, and ideas that we see in films might shift across films of different ratings (e.g. G, PG, PG13, R) or across films of the same rating across time (e.g. a PG13 movie in 1978 vs. 2018). What if anything can we learn about a society’s social and cultural values based on the ratings films get during that time? Does it tell us more about the actual values of the time or the perceived or desired values of the institutions doing the rating?

Chapter 3 material is post in the attached file, need to use chapter 3 materials.

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