economic scenario of china

1.What is the trade situation of the country? How much does this country export/import (compare it to the US)? What products/services are exported/imported the most? Do they have a positive trade balance or a negative trade balance (line graph of the past 5 years)? Who are the most important trading partners (exports/imports) of this country (Pie-Chart)? Is the trade situation of this country improving or declining? What is the significance of having a positive trade balance?

2. What is the level of trade between this country and the US? What are the top 5 exports and imports to this country from the US? Why is this information relevant to companies in the US?

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3. How is the currency of the country faring in the international monetary markets? Has the value of the currency gone up or down in the past several years? Use a line graph. Where is the currency anticipated to be in the near future? What does the value of a currency indicate? Why is the appreciation/depreciation of a currency important to a company in the US?

Organize your answers with headings and sub-headings in a paper format. Please do not use the questions as your headings. Use the APA style with in-text citations. Please make sure that you have a Table of Contents with page numbers. Please keep your paragraphs short (paragraphs that are more than half a page is to be avoided)

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