performance profitability evaluation criteria project part 1

Introduction and Alignment

In organizations, managers are continually required to evaluate the impact of variables in the internal and external economic environment that will affect their organization’s performance. In today’s global environment, marketing and trade practices require analysis of basic economic functions that extend to international business operations including pricing strategies, currency fluctuations, technology, open and closed economies, and differing monetary policies. In this project, you will have an opportunity to synthesize these many variables on the performance and profitability of a chosen organization.


Background Information

You have been working as an economic consultant, and you have seen a significant number of firms needing outside help to assist in business policy and formulation. Because of your strong reputation, you have just been hired as a consultant for one of the following organizations:

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  • Apple
  • Toyota
  • McDonald’s
  • Starbucks
  • United Parcel Service

For this particular project, you will be reporting to the executive officers in the organization (CFO, CTO, CIO, CEO). Your task will be to evaluate the trade policies and economic variables that have a verifiable impact on that company’s global operations.


  1. Before beginning this assignment, download and read the Project Description.
  2. In a Word document, identify the name of the organization you will be consulting with, choosing from the list of five organizations provided. If you want to choose an organization that is not on the list, please give your instructor a rationale for your choice. The instructor must approve any company outside of the five provided.
  3. In addition, include three to five areas that you feel will be the most pertinent for you to evaluate, choosing from the list provided in the ‘3. Body’ section of the Project Description document. If you want to choose variables that are not on the list, please provide a rationale of why this variable(s) should be evaluated for this organization for your instructor’s approval.
  4. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor using the Dropbox by the end of the workshop.

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