human happiness

I need 500 word essay, 2-3 double spaced, 12 point pages

I realized that this paper might be impossible to write, as worded. What if you do not know anybody who is happy?

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What does that mean? Nobody is happy all the time. So could you write about someone who seems pretty happy most of the time? Is being satisfied with life enough to say a person is happy?

Revisit how various authors have explained what happiness is based on. That is the challenge of this essay. How do you define happiness? How do you achieve it?

Since we live in an imperfect world, where no one is perfect or perfectly happy, how can happiness be achieved, or sustained? Does happiness come in bursts or can it last for months and years? Do you know someone who seems in calm and at peace? Someone who loves what he/she is doing?

Do you know someone who looks happy, but you know that under the surface this person is not?

Please note- do not include real names. The purpose of this assignment is academic – to apply theories we have read to a real person to see if they ring true, in your thoughtful analysis.

So please feel free to define and shape the various perspectives on happiness that we have read about (or encountered in videos) to a real person in any way that suits you.

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