social science research methods 1500 words singapore context

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Question (100 marks)
You are required to answer all questions of this paper. In your answers, please make
specific references to the excerpt provided.

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Divorce rates in Singapore have decreased

The Department of Statistics reported that in 2017, the divorce rates in Singapore
decreased; at the same time, the number of marriages saw an increase. In fact, it was
reported that there was an increase of 0.9 percentage points for the number of
marriages reported compared with the previous year-2016.

Adapted from:
Channel NewsAsia (2018, July 10). Divorce rate down, number of marriages up in 2017 Channel
NewsAsia. Retrieved from

(20 marks)

a) To better understand the social implications behind why divorce rates have decreased and
marriage rates have increased, develop a concise yet detailed research agenda for the
social phenomenon observed above. It should clearly presents your research design that
not only comprises your research question, but also describes how you would go about
collecting data and presenting your research findings.

(40 marks)
b) You have been introduced to the three major social science research approaches i.e.,
Positivist Social Science (PSS), Interpretive Social Science (ISS), and Critical Social
Science (CSS) Identify, describe, and distinguish the main attributes of these three major
social research approaches. In light of your response to part (a), identify and show which
approach would most closely describe your research agenda and in the process distinguish
it from the two other prevailing approaches mentioned.

(40 marks)
c) Evaluate your research design and identify any two ethical issues that you have taken into
account when planning the research.

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