should us immigration policy be reformed

Students are to develop original research papers. You will need to have more than three body paragraph. you will either have four pieces of criteria or you have two paragraphs under each piece of A, B, C criteria. Plan for a 7 – 8 paragraphs under each essay.Remember that this essay is a minimum of six full pages. Not including the headings, title, or work cited. you need a minimum of sources. Three of those sources must be from the PGCC Library database.

Thesis Statement: Remember that you are making an argument, and that you are trying to prove a point with this argument. An effective thesis should be clear and easy to understand. The thesis that you present is a solid statement of argument. Essentially the thesis is the reason that you are writing this paper with supporting point included. these supporting points are the supporting criteria that you present after your assertion in the thesis statement. you will either have four pieces of criteria or you will have two paragraphs under each piece of your A, B, C criteria. Consider this-a reader should not get past the introductory paragraph and still not know what is being argued in the paper! During edits make sure to edit your thesis statement for clarity and to be sure that the thesis matches what you truly wrote.

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Body Paragraphs# 1, 2, 3, 4

Topic Sentence


Arguments/ Evidence

Refutations/Counter arguments/ Counter claims(opposing arguments):

Rebuttal to Counter Claim/Concession:

Rebuttal should be from a source(cite who is arguing your claim)

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