research and evidence support the need for a change

In this assignment you find evidence from literature and journals that supports the need for your proposed change.


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Include all of the following when completing this assignment:

Find a minimum of three original research articles to support your project and summarize EACH article in a minimum of 350 words to explain the evidence for your selected project. The articles used must be:

  • Peer reviewed
  • Recent (published within the last 5 years)
  • Statistically significant

Find current guidelines and summarize the guidelines in a minimum of 350 words explaining how they are evidence for your selected project.

Consider processes, policies, and clinical guidelines that relate to your chosen issue or problem to support your chosen project, considering clinical guidelines, processes, and policies.

**PLEASE NOTE: You should be submitting a minimum of four (4) separate word document summaries of each article, one APA formatted reference page, and 4 separate PDFs of the actual articles used for this assignment (PDF of each article summarized as evidence for the project (total of 3) & a PDF of the clinical guidelines that you used to support your project.)

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