psychology counselling assignment

Assignment # 2: Compare and contrast two counseling/psychotherapy theories. These can be theories that we’ve already discussed in our textbook, or theories that we have yet to discuss, but please pick two that are discussed in the textbook. This is a comparison of THEORIES, not TECHNIQUES (for example, psychoanalysis, Gestalt, cognitive-behavioral). How are these two theories similar? How are they different? Your grade will be based on the following criteria:

  • 10 points: How do the theories conceptualize the client’s problems differently (or how to they conceptualize problems similarly)? In other words, what do they attribute to be the reason or cause of a client’s problems? What is considered to be the reason for the client’s problems? Please don’t just state points from the theory, but actually compare/contrast.
  • 10 points: How do treatments differ between the two theories? How are they similar? What do both theories believe to be useful in helping clients to grow or successfully manage their problems? How do the theorists suggest that therapists “fix” the problems?
  • 5 points: What does research say about the effectiveness of these approaches? (This information can be found towards the end of each chapter. You won’t need to use any external sources, but please feel free to do so if you would like.) Do these theories work?

APA standard, no abstract or heading required..please use content from chapter only. No minimum page required but answer in detail please.

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