Psychology Chapter 9 Assignment Answers




Chapter 9 Assignment

Address the 16 questions below regarding Chapter 9

A medical clinician wants to determine what dosage level of a new pain drug would be most effective. He randomly selects participants from several pain clinic. He then randomly assigns participants to one of 3 group. He pretest all participants for 2 weeks having them to report their level of pain on a scale of 1 to 10. Afterwards, the Control group receives a moderate level of the drug, Experimental group A receives a low dosage of the drug, and Experimental group B receives a high dose of the drug. Participants are asked to use the drug for 2 weeks and report their level of pain for the posttest scores. The medical researcher attempts to control for confounds. Below are dependent variable pain scores.

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Low Mod High
7 5 3
8 8 2
6 4 1

Answer the questions regarding the above study.

  1. What is the Independent Variable?
  2. What is the Dependent Variable?
  3. What is the operational definitions for the Independent Variable and the Dependent Variable?
  4. Why is this an experimental design (refer back to true experiment in chapter 9).
  5. What type of between-subjects design is this?
  6. Why would you use an single factor (one-way) ANOVA as the statistical test of choice (opposed to a t-test?
  7. What are degrees of freedom?


Sum of Squares df Mean Square F Significance
Between Groups

Within Groups






  1. What is the F value?
  2. What is the value total degrees of freedom?
  3. What is the value of between-groups degrees of freedom?
  4. What is the value of within-groups degrees of freedom?
  5. What is the value of between groups mean square?
  6. What is the value within-groups mean square?
  7. What is the significance level (you must use your book for this page 423 and 424)?
  8. Are the results significant (you must complete the ANOVA table)?
  9. If significant, do you need to do further testing? Why or Why not?
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