Principles of Management Research Paper




My part is section Two, and the company we chose is WERIS (Website: )

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You just need to do section Two

Company Analysis

Principles of Management Phase II: Organizational Profile


Think about the company you would like to work for when you graduate—this will help you and your team select a company for the final team assignment. In the past, students have chosen businesses and organizations such as Accenture, Ernst and Young, Wells Fargo, Target, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Merck. It is recommended that you think local and companies you have access to. If you are considering starting your own business, choose a business that you particularly admire, and that you might use as a model for your own business. Another common aspiration is to be an attorney in a law firm. Although you may not have a specific firm in mind, think in terms of a prototype firm you can research—perhaps a firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions in a large city or a criminal defense specialty firm. We want you to be interested and enjoy doing research on this company. It could be a stepping stone to your future.

Section One: Company Overview

The team should provide a brief overview of the company. We would like each team member to analyze one aspect of the organization. This paper should cover:

  • Organization’s mission, vision and value statement
  • Overview the company’s stakeholders
  • Briefing of the company’s strategy and long-term goals
  • Organization’s overall culture and structure(It is advised that each team member contribute to at least one of the aspects above—please label in your paper which portion you wrote)
  • Section Two: Needed Skills/AbilitiesThe team will describe the skills and abilities likely desired by this company. Much of this information can be obtained directly from company websites, but can also be inferred from the strategy and structure of the organization.
  • Given a particular business strategy:
  • What kinds of skills and abilities will be most prized in this company?
  • What is the company looking for when hiring new employees?
  • Are there any specific competencies listed on the website or job descriptions?
  • Section Three: Reference ListYour team will need to have at least 5 references that are cited in the body of the paper (using APA style guidelines) only one of these can be the textbook. You must back up your findings with reliable resources that will then be used towards your final interview.
  • FOLLOW-UPNext you must reach out to the organization to see if you can contact a manager for your final project. The organization you select must have someone you can attain access to in order to conduct Phase III: Managerial Analysis. We suggest that you look at small businesses in the area that would allow your team to interview their manager. This portion of the assignment will help you research and determine the key benefits to working for this company. Please include the name of the manager you will interview in Phase III: Interview questions.


MGMT 303: Grading Rubric for Organizational Profile

Criteria Level 1 Unacceptable page2image5512Level 2 Developing


page2image7584Level 3 Competent


page2image9336Level 4 Exemplary


Sufficiency of introductory content of the company Introduction is not included Introduction is incomplete; key data is missing


Introduction includes most of the relevant information


Introduction includes all the relevant information


Overview of Organization Mission/Vision/Values

Organizational Structure, Strategy

No discussion was presented or content does not demonstrate understanding of the subject matter Shows effort in articulating the topic; however, discussion is incomplete and/or lacks key elements


Handles in an adequate manner the analysis of the case with known managerial concepts


Demonstrates mastery of the theories and concepts; Includes and explains managerial concepts well


Analysis of Needed Skills & Abilities No discussion was presented or content does not demonstrate understanding of the subject matter Shows effort in articulating the skills needed; however, discussion is incomplete and/or lacks key elements Applies with confidence the principles, tools and techniques for management and addresses all necessary skills Discussion demonstrates mastery of the tools and techniques learned in the course-Clear explanation of all skills needed by organization
Links to Course Readings and Additional Research Incomplete research and links to any area page2image41112Limited research and documented links to any readings


Good research and documented links to the material read


Excellent research into the issues with clearly documented links to class (and/or outside) readings


Writing – representative of undergraduate level, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, spelling, punctuation, APA style and format No paper was submitted or demonstrates writing below the college level; paper has numerous (15 or more) writing/APA errors


Demonstrates less than proficient academic writing; paper has 10-14 writing/APA errors Demonstrates proficient academic writing; paper conforms to APA style; paper has 5-9 different writing/APA errors Demonstrates scholarly academic writing and conforms to APA style; paper has less than 5 different writing/APA errors
Team Participation page2image64256Did not contribute to the team


Limited participation in the team decision and overall contribution to final project


Participated and contributed ideas and analysis to team project Fully engaged in the team and shared equal responsibilities to complete the team project
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