pop culture and superheros


In this essay, you will need to apply the methodologies, themes, and questions we have used in the course to your original source.This means that you will need to place the source in CONTEXT(for most of you that is America today) and perform an in-depth cultural analysis that connects the source to themes AND READINGS/FILMS we have addressed in class. Your essay must answer this question:

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What “cultural work” does the example of popular culture you chose perform in America? What is (or was) its role and purpose in American society? { my topic is “Superheros in Pop Culture” }

To answer these questions, you should be sure to place the form of popular culture in the context of the class and perform ONE of the following types of research.

  • Analyze the critical discussion of the form of popular culture. Here you will want to look at the ways that professional critics (even if just online) analyze the form of popular culture.This doesn’t mean to look at standard thumbs up or down reviews but at sources that analyze the form of popular culture.
  • Connect the form of pop culture to THREE other examples of pop culture (1 can be from the class). What do these additional sources suggest about the importance and meaning of your original source?

Make sure this essay is writing in a very very Professional way and no PLAGIARISM, I attached a guide on how to write this essay + materials from class to help you build a foundation to start writing. You want to write on how superheros started? and why? how they effected the popular culture from the beginning to the modern days! Make sure to write this essay very carefully since its the final and worth %60 of my grade.

LINK FOR CLASS MATERIALS + WRITING GUIDE + RUBRIC : https://drive.google.com/open?id=18dA6Gkq9g6yQNruQ…

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