Multiculturalism in Psychology




Clinical or Counseling: Select an aspect of psychological intervention (counseling or therapy), psychological testing or assessment, diagnosis, or research on any of these that are of interest to you. Then, select one or more aspects of diversity covered in this course. Remember to stay focused. Describe how to provide the selected service to, or conduct research with, your chosen population in a culturally sensitive manner.

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Topic Selection

Review the Multiculturalism in Psychology course project description for complete details on this assignment and your course project as a whole.

Your topic selection must contain the following information:

Briefly describe the selected topic. This description should be brief but specific enough to present an overview of what your literature review will cover and allow the instructor to assess the acceptability of the project. Provide supporting information as to why this particular topic was chosen.

Provide a thesis statement, problem statement, or research question that will guide the project. The thesis statement, problem statement, or research question must be related to one or more aspects of diversity and a specific area of psychological research or service delivery within your degree specialization.

Present ideas for the concept, point, or thesis to be developed. You must present main ideas that support your topic selection.

Include a literature summary with the number of articles available on the topic, and explain your search strategy.


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