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When implementing change initiative, leaders play a major role in the process of communicating the vision. Significant progress has been recognized when the leaders only communicate the general course to be taken, and rather engage various change agents on the team to map out further details of the course (Palmer et al., 2017). To support the statement, Pink (2010) informs that incentive to perform simple tasks can be successfully accomplished through monetary or other physical reward systems. However, he argues that more complicated tasks, requiring higher cognitive thinking, are not driven by monetary rewards. Instead, the groups are motivated by self-direction where they are allowed to create the course for their actions and are verbally encouraged along the way. Therefore, the leaders should engage their team members and allow for freedom to plan the tasks and processes, further provided with the freedom and resources to carry them out. Palmer, Dunford, and Buchan (2017) highlight that leaders should also model their dedication to the cause. Meetings, presentations, e-mails, and conversations can fail if the team members’ interpretation of the cause lacks consistency between words and actions. Simon Sinek (2016) suggests that when leaders display empathy, the members on the team noticeably connect their own emotions with the desire to act. Additionally, non-verbal communication has the power to raise emotions and encourage movement, as seen in The Evolution of Dance (Laipply, 2006).

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In a TED talk, Stephen Ritz (2012) engages the audience immediately by introducing his desire for change as a school teacher and communicating through words, body language, and visuals how his students are helping him make the change. Every cause starts small, but then the ripple effect grows and more people become interested in joining the cause. The skillful leader continues to communicate the vision to wider audiences, making the cause more prominent by engaging people with various skills to contribute. By acknowledging that he is not a farmer, Mr. Ritz diminishes the opportunity for resistance sending a message than anyone can participate in his vision. He solidifies the message by sharing the impressive progress of his students. He intensifies the value of his cause, sharing that his students live well below the poverty line and even they are making a powerful impact in society. By effectively communicating his goals and progress, Mr. Ritz (2012) is tapping into the minds of the audience, waking up their sense of social responsibility, and inviting them to action. He communicates a bigger picture where his small project has grown to benefit the greater cause for society, creating jobs, transferring skills, feeding people, giving back to the homeless and needy, encouraging environmental health. Adiguzel (2019) supports the idea that by clarifying the tasks, facilitating conversation, and modeling, the leader increases team creativity.

The people will drive the movement when they are provided with resources and see value in the change (Siciliano et al., 2017). Robinson (2010) states that we need to start thinking differently about the human capacity, realize that collaboration promotes growth, and consider changing the culture and habits of our institutions. In other words, we need to start communicating that there can be multiple solutions to one question and everyone has a valuable input when we collaboratively work in groups, we are more productive, and foremost, the culture and the habits of our institutions need to start accommodating our present social structure and capacity. Practicing effective communication, modeling the message and beliefs, displaying empathy, allowing the freedom to create, will help the leaders engage the coalitions of likeminded individuals and be the catalysts to implementation of the vision.

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