make a cluster instructions below

A cluster, a list, but show how you narrow the large topic into keywords and then end with a debatable Question.


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Large Topic: Technology

Narrow it down: Social Media, gadgets, cell phones, business technology, technology and education

Focus: Social Media,

Narrow it down: Impact of social media on relationships

Debatable Question: What impact does social media have on relationships? (professional, personal, political)

Debatable because one side will say negative and another will say beneficial.

You have to take a stance/position.

My position: Social media if used carelessly can negatively impact your person, professional, and political relationships.

Thesis: Although social media connects u to causes and people we care about, if used carelessly it can negatively impact your person, professional, and political relationships.

Then I want you to make a RD 1: Where you list how it benefits your personal professional and political self

Then write a RD 2: List what your opposition will say on the above topics you listed.

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