machine shop has its parts go through two processes and b which they can go either

A machine shop has its parts go through two processes, A and B, from which they can go to either shipping or the scrap heap. Here are the parts transitional probabilities: No parts from Process A can go directly to shipping, while 95% go to Process B and 5% are scrapped. There is 10% chance that Process B will send parts back to process A for rework, an 85% chance that they will go to shipping, with the balance to scrap. If a part makes it to either shipping or the scrap heap, than the part is done.


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A   B  SC  SH






Define the adsorbing states, if any (if none write None)


Set up (do not solve how you would determine the two step transition matrix


What is the probability that a part that starts in Process A will make it to shipping in two steps? Show the values that you are combining to solve this.


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