lit 319 final project

I need someone to combine the attached milestone papers to make a cohesive essay. You will also need to create an introduction and conclusion to the paper as well as make revisions so that the paper meets the guidelines in the rubric. Currently, the papers combined are about 7 pages long so you will only need to edit and ensure that all points in the rubric are covered.

Professor’s feedback for each assisnment listed below:

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Milestone 1: This is great, but I would really work on narrowing it quite a bit. I would focus on a single woman and the role that she plays.

Milestone 2: You’ve done a good job here, but I’m wondering if you saw the Milestone 2 guidelines and the questions that you needed to answer:

How does the play reflect Shakespeare’s relationship with Elizabethan culture? For example, you might consider historical, social, and cultural elements that are evident in his work, and how he treats them. • What dramatic treatments or elements (plot, characterization, setting, symbolism, stage directions) were influenced or affected by the theme? • Did this work influence Elizabethan culture, either immediately or eventually? What do you think the audiences and critics thought of it? • Based on your readings so far, how is the theme represented in Shakespeare’s other works, including the sonnets? Which ones?

These issues are dealt with somewhat in your work, but you need to get much more specific about both the play and the elements of Elizabethan culture. For instance, you could mention that women could not inherit and that all assets were owned by their husbands. If you have any questions about the elements of detail required, please let me know.

No feedback as of yet for Milestone 3.

The rubric must be read before starting the assignment and feedback must be addressed.

Please be sure to cite all sources in MLA format and to only use scholarly sources (no wiki or .com sites).

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