intro human services topics 3 4


  • Topic 3: Awareness of Others – Addressing Oppression and Culture



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      • Students will become aware of the need for cultural competence in helping. Students will define and understand the terms culture and oppression.



      Read: Textbook Chapter 3, pages 27-41

      Movie or hour-long television program of your choice




      Read through the terms and definitions found in Box 3.1 on page 31 in your textbook. Watch any movie or hour-long television program of your choice. As you are watching, write down examples seen in the movie or program that illustrate any of the terms defined in Box 3.1.

      Some movie ideas:

      • Hotel Rwanda
      • Laramie Project
      • Crash
      • Schindler’s List
      • To Kill a Mockingbird
      • Spanglish
      • Invictus
      • Gran Torino

      Some television program ideas:

      • Grey’s Anatomy
      • Trading Spouses
      • Law and Order/most crime shows
      • Desperate Housewives
      • Brothers and Sisters
      • The Good Wife
      • Most reality shows



      Write a reaction paper describing what you observed. Title your document “Chapter_3_Reaction.rtf”, and submit via the Assessment Upload.

      Include your response to the following questions as a part of your paper:

      • What was the name of the movie?
      • Provide a very short review of the plot and a screen play synopsis. This project is not a movie review. This paper is an analysis of the violence and abuse viewed.
      • What were the examples of culture or oppression that you viewed?
      • Describe the types of culture or oppression portrayed.
      • What is your personal reaction to what you viewed?
      • Were you surprised by what you viewed?
      • Were there any interventions by a helper (social worker, police officer, a passer-by, etc.)?

      This paper must be at least 3 pages, double spaced, 12 font and 1 inch margins. It is worth 100 points. Address the issues of the movie/program as it relates to what you have read about culture and oppression in Chapter 3. Again – do not describe the movie, but provide a process and character analysis of the violence issues.

      Title your document “Chapter_3_Reaction.rtf”, and submit via the Assessment Upload.

      View Scoring Rubric for scoring requirements

  • Topic 4: The Helping Relationship


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