ethnic markets and ethnic neighborhoods

Essay Content

you must propose a topic related to the class topic(the file will show you below), “Ethnic Markets and Ethnic

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Neighborhoods.” Here are some suggested topics:

1. The role that ethnic neighborhoods play in immigration to the US, across history and/or in the present


2. The relationships between ethnic neighborhoods and native-born city residents (who are usually white

and sometimes African American, Latino, Native American or Asian American)

3. The importance of ethnic neighborhoods for foreign students and other expatriates who don’t intend to

resettle permanently in the US

Cite requirement

An alphabetized list of six (or more) preliminary sources, in the format of an MLA “Works Cited” page

i. No more than two sources can come from class readings

ii. No more than three sources can be popular sources—three must be peer-reviewed scholarly sources

Format Requirements

Your essay must:

1) Be double-spaced, with one-inch margins (2.54 cm), and a 12-point serif font like Times New Roman

2) Include an MLA header and page numbers, and an informative title

3) Include an MLA Works Cited page4) Include parenthetical citations for quotations and paraphrases of other writers

5) Be at least 1400 words long in the final draft

6) Be saved as an electronic file in .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .rtf format

Class reading:(files and websites) (Links to an external site.)…

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