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Advancements in technology and the growth of the Internet in the early 21st century have produced a slew of ethical dilemmas for companies. Company leaders have to balance the privacy and freedom of workers while also maintaining standards that require that company technology use is for legitimate business purposes. Certain companies go so far as to monitor all online use and email communication from employee computers and work accounts. A company may have this right, but its leaders need to understand the potential concern about privacy and autonomy among employees.

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the following is the example

“I would recommend an internet policy for my business which includes the outlining to company employees of acceptable internet use, unacceptable behavior, monitoring, sanctions, and finally an agreement which employees are required to sign and adhere to.

The acceptable internet use policy would describe how employees should properly use their computers with internet access. Examples would be, compliance with government legislation, using the internet in acceptable ways, and not creating any unnecessary business risks to the company by improper use. (NI Business).

Unacceptable behavior would also be outlined, which would list specific unethical and illegal uses of the company’s computers and internet access by company employees. I would ensure monitoring of the company’s internet related resources, but to ensure privacy, specific content of transactions would not be monitored unless there is suspicion of improper employee use. (NI Business).

Finally sanctions on employees that fail to comply with the policy will be enforced. Punishment from a verbal warning to the employee’s termination from the company will be observed, depending on the severity of the violation. All employees, temporary staff and even contractors, granted the right to use the company’s internet access will be required to sign the internet use agreement. (NI Business).”

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