discussion 1183

This week’s required reading and lecture provide extensive material to assess leadership behavior within the structure of leadership discourse. Last week in Module 5, we applied our own research data, critical analysis, and conclusions to the study of Western’s (2013) Four Discourses of Leadership. This week, we’ll expand upon what we learned in Module 5 and add another point of view to test our critical thinking.

This week’s discussion focuses on the following:

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Burnes, Hughes, and By (2016) [required reading] suggested that “despite three decades of transformation and change leadership discourse, leadership is still in crisis” (p. 8). Burnes, Hughes, and By proposed that to meet current phenomenological challenges, a utilitarian consequential approach is in order. In short, leaders would be judged on results of change rather than the intent, and leader decisions would be more in line with the sustainability movement.

To prepare for the discussion, answer the following questions:

  • What is the dominant leadership discourse–from Western’s (2013) four discourses–in your chosen organization?
  • How did you reach your conclusions?

Submit your original post using the Schoology audio function in the Discussion Board. (If verbal communication is impossible for you, you may write your answer.) If using verbal communication, you do not need to include written explanation, but be sure that your verbal communication is clear

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